Houseplant Masterclass
Houseplant Masterclass
The first online course to help you master caring, growing, and nurturing your houseplants.

Thank you.

This Masterclass wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for the generous support of 270 people on Kickstarter and Indiegogo.

Some of these supporters include: Emily McPhee, hhaaf000, Debbie Lowe, Henriette Barchager, S. Ditolme, John Oas, Bobbi Monahan, Allison Lanier, Kaya Saaremael, Luke Conley, Julie Rotterman, Anna Le Grande, Emily Hession, Lee Marshall, Tracy Johnson, Ciara-Jean Murphy, Carlo C. Adorno, Sander, Michael Stevens, Reed Talada, Michael Phillips Moskowitz, Megan Tegeder, Jennifer Starr, Antony D. Gardner, Ebba Forsberg, Vincent Fiore, Andrew, Cassandra Rosenthal, Ann Vuong, TheOakman, John F. Cooper, Ryan R. Nolan, Matt Kull, Steve Stanford, YaiYai, Damon Horowitz, John Zapolski, Meagan Rosson, Michael Owen, Michael K Chu-A-Kong, Tom van Dyck, Steve Rosenbaum, and Eric Mourkakos of PlantShed.🌿

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