Houseplant Masterclass
Houseplant Masterclass
The first online course to help you master caring, growing, and nurturing your houseplants.

Hi! My name is Summer Rayne.

I’m an environmental scientist and entomologist by training and now spend most of my days as an environmental communicator. That means I like distilling the nerdy stuff into fun, easy-to-understand, and juicy information.

My motivation in life is to connect people more closely with nature, so when my very verdant apartment hit a chord with people around the world, I took it as an opportunity to fulfill my mission and share my love and knowledge of plants to people like you!

The idea behind the Houseplant Masterclass started shortly after I launched my blog, Instagram, and YouTube channel; I saw a growing desire in people around the world to learn more about their houseplants, but there really wasn’t an online experience that could take someone through a foundational yet comprehensive course on indoor plants. I launched the idea on Kickstarter and Indiegogo InDemand and much to my excitement—over 270 people to date have helped fund the project, which is how the Houseplant Masterclass was born. Stay tuned for its launch in 2019!

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The Masterclass is comprehensive.

Here’s what you can expect:

- Peruse five sections, 100+ sub-sections on houseplant growing, care and cultivation—disseminated over the course of a month.

- Listen, watch and learn to over 8 hours of audio+visual recordings

- View 300 full-color images and charts

- Access a comprehensive care spreadsheet to 300+ common houseplants

- Learn over 100 botanical terms and 350+ botanical Latin names

- Get product and book recommendations

- Join our private Facebook community

- Bonus materials and more!

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The book

How to Make a Plant Love You (Optimism Press, July 2019) releases this summer and will be a perfect companion book to the Houseplant Masterclass. In this book, I explore how the common potted plant can go from a decorative object that makes one’s space “look good” to a gateway to something deeper.

For those who pre-order the book on or before the sale date of July 9, 2019, we’re offering a gift including a 50 Houseplant Care Spreadsheet and a meditative ASMR Botanical Excursion video at the Huntington Botanical Gardens. Just email your receipt (or order confirmation or other proof of purchase) to howtomakeaplantloveyou [at] gmail [dot] com. We'll email you your exclusive content directly as a thank you for preordering, but please note that all content will be sent out on a weekly basis every Wednesday of the week.