Houseplant Masterclass
Houseplant Masterclass
The first online course to help you master caring, growing, and nurturing your houseplants.

Turn your black thumb to a green thumb.

Houseplant wisdom, redefined.

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Learn to grow with your plants.

How many of us have brought a plant home and then said, “Ummmm, what do I do now?” (Yeah, we’ve ALL done it). Good news: The Houseplant Masterclass will teach you not only how to intuit what a plant needs but also show you how to do some cool houseplant hacks once you start your houseplant journey. ‘Cuz we’d like to see you and your plant grow together. . .

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Become a houseplant ninja.

Yes, a lot of the information out there on houseplants consist of tips, headlines and surface level information [Yawn]. That’s cool if you want to have a superficial relationship with your plants. But we know you’re deep—and therefore want to satisfy your boundless curiosity and dig deeper into all that juicy information. (Plus it never hurts to impress that plant shop boy or girl on your next visit.)

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Grow your indoor jungle.

Ever dream of having one of those dreamy houseplant homes? Yes, us too. But before you blow your bank account at that fancy plant shop down the street, we want to help you make sure you know your plants. Like REALLY know your plants. Because there are so many ways to grow your indoor jungle without maxing out your credit card. . .

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